Health beyond borders

Project details

Title: Joint initiatives and health solutions in the Romanian-Ukrainian cross border region
Acronym: "Health beyond borders"
Financing program: Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020
Priority: 8.2 - Support for health development
Project indicative: HUSKROUA 1702/8.2/0105
Project budget: 962,674.72 €
European funds: 866,407.24 €
Starting date: 10/1/2019
Finishing date: 05/31/2021
Project status: Completed

European Union

Co-financed by the European Union


Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020


City hospital of Sighetu Marmatiei – Leader

Clinic Hospital of Ivano-Frankivsk – Partner

Project summary

Obiectiv General

Improve the health services for the people of Ivano-Frankivsk, Sighetu Marmatiei and surroundings for a total population of 396,480.

Specific objectives

1) Increase the amount of medical equipment – for diagnosis, surgery, anaesthesia and intensive care, fast diagnosis and life maintenance in emergency situations, treatment for chronic diseases and geriatrics;
2) Create a cooperation mechanism between the two hospitals for knowledge exchange, joint training programs, support services in preventive medicine, diagnosis of chronic diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Main activities

1. Purchase of medical equipment.
2. Experience exchanges and joint training programs:

a) The role and importance of laparoscopy in surgical acute illnesses’ treatment;
b) Invasive and non-invasive mechanic ventilation;
c) The advantages of using high quality equipment in treating eye diseases;
d) Chronic wound care and stoma care;
e) The importance of rapid assessment of patients' condition through emergency laboratory tests.

3. Diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of patients with heart disease
4. Management and Communication.

Expected results

• The purchase of 70 pieces of medical equipment;
• Training through joint activities of 65 medical staff members working in the two hospitals.